2-1 Black Ganoderma Coffee with Hoodia - 1 Box (20 pk/bx) Single Box

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2-1 Black Ganoderma Coffee with Hoodia (Weight Loss)

1 Box / 20sachets (Makes at least 20 10 - 12 oz cups)

Hoodia - The Ancient Appetite Suppressing Wonder Plant

A healthy solution for weight loss and obesity.*

  • A safe and all natural diet aid for the reduction of caloric intake.* 
  • An effective natural appetite suppressant to help curb food cravings and hunger; appetite is reduced with the feeling of being full and satisfied.* 
  • A natural mood enhancer to keep you "in balance" while maintaining optimum stamina.* 
  • Sensations of Fullness from Ingesting Hoodia

What is Hoodia?

Hoodia is a succulent plant belonging to the Asclepiadaceae (milkweed) family which consists of approximately 20 species, including Hoodia gordonii. It has recently been in the spotlight - featured on a segment of CBS's 60 Minutes and brought to the western world as a supplement for diet to aid in obesity and weight loss by suppressing appetite.? For thousands of years, Hoodia has been used by San bushmen populating the arid territories of South Africa and Namibia.? These bushmen chewed pieces of Hoodia on long hunting trips to curb hunger and quench thirst.? They had little concept of dieting, but learned that this plant provided stamina and curbed hunger during prolonged periods without food.? Hoodia's appetite-suppressing ingredient, known as P57, seems to send a signal to the hypothalamus of the brain that tells the body it is no longer hungry.? This brain message is much stronger than that of glucose.* 

What are Hoodia's Benefits?

Many people worldwide are at risk from conditions related to obesity, such as heart disease and diabetes.? Hoodia research with subjects has shown the reduction of appetite along with a reduced caloric intake.? A person with little willpower to control overeating can find that they no longer feel hungry.? Hoodia may well be a dieter's dream come true in that it fools the brain into thinking it has already consumed food and feels full and satisfied.*

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